Let us introduce you to the Board Members of the New Heart Foundation – it is quite a mixed bag!

Cecilia Macii

Italian, based in Italy and Malindi. After a career in Italian agriculture (producing fine wines and olive oil) Cecilia now renovates and constructs

properties in the Toscane.

Fiorenza Carli Ballola 

Italian, based in Italy and Malindi. Fiorenza was originally in the Italian Fashion Industry, and currently runs apartments to rent in Florence.

Giovani Tofani

 Kenyan, entrepreneur and owner of the construction and metal fabrication company, “Tofani’s” in Malindi.


Peter Keni kanuna

 Kenyan, businessman based in Nairobi.  Interests in security & investigations, charity & philanthropy

Julia Steiner

 Anglo/Swiss, director of AJS Séjours Linguistiques, a language travel consultant, based in Switzerland.


Millicah Wambui Thairu

 Kenyan, notary public with a wide experience in legal matters..

Cecilia and Fiorenza originally had the idea of creating The New Heart Foundation and together, they bought the land at Mkaomoto, about 7 km from Malindi, on which to build the home/school. They both spend considerable time in Malindi and they are in charge of the welfare and wellbeing of the children. They also keep a very good eye on the expenses! Without Cecilia and Fiorenza, the idea of creating New Heart would never have come about.


Giovanni Tofani is our “man on the ground”, being based in Malindi. He has done wonders with regards to facilitating the official paperwork in order for the Foundation to receive the authorisation to exist, and then he has carried out the full construction works of the building. Without Giovanni, there would BE no house. He is also in charge of ongoing repairs and is our “rock” in times of trouble!


Julia Steiner is based in Switzerland, and many of you will know her, because she was in charge of finding the  financing to complete and furnish the building. Now she has to find the funding for the everyday running of New Heart! She spends much time searching for donors. Without Julia, there would not be sufficient cash flow.


Peter Keni is based in Nairobi and is one of our two "legal eagles".  Peter helps us whenever we need legal advice or certificates from the authorities.